Strategy and Tactics

    Paintball, like many other games that require more teamwork and understanding work, nor is an important equipment or even individual players' skills. A well-organized team will work together to defeat the opponent, the players know each other a little, even if individual members have better skills and tools. Communication is the key to a winning team, often mind and teamwork to win the game.
The following tactics are used in various scenarios, but this is not a rule as as far as the script, just as, or even more possible strategies and tactics. When changing the tactics to suit the week the team, their leaders can prigalvoti very different and unpredictable moves.
    PASAGA - this maneuver for užspiesti the opposing team in the U-shaped ambush, when they are attacked simultaneously from three sides the whole expecting. In this situation the team may lose as much as 75% of the team members or even more. Most of the beginners strategy is very simple, just to enroll in a line and move on. It is moving in parallel lines found in the opposing team and an attempt to shoot poorly hidden players. PASAGA who use the tactics of the team behind the players trying to cope with the fire, while the remaining team members surrounded the opposing team and attacking them unprepared side flanges.  Užspiesta in a box team has no possibility of retreat. In most cases this fight ends quickly, it takes only twenty seconds, and sometimes even less. After the shots, remains one other single member of the opposing team or a team completely destroyed.
    APIBĖGIMAS - this maneuver when attacking part of the team trying to scour the enemy and to attack him from behind, and the remaining part of the team at the same time attacking from the front. Pasidalinusios team attack at the same time is a very important moment. Surrounded by a team becomes devilishly difficult to defend against attackers. Defend themselves becomes easier if the attack team was able to divide into two groups and one of them to run more ahead, then the rest of the group turns around and can thus protect the team behind.