TASKYK.LT - who we are?

Online Paintball comes to you! We do not offer you one and the same place, in the district depths. We come and arrange paintball feast where You need. It remains only to gather like-minded people together and enjoy active leisure in nature.

Flexibility and fun for you! Organize the celebration of the homestead? We come to you! You organize a picnic in nature? We will find right place for paintball! Birthday - a serious celebration if You celebrate with paintball. And of course the impressive hen / stag parties... We'll make it a memorable and such about which to tell friends and acquaintances!

Paintball - what is it?

  Paintball emerged in the early eighties, the United States of America States. A bit later spread to Western Europe and Scandinavia. It took almost two decades after the appearance before paintball reached Lithuania. Today it is one of the most popular active pastime forms of which already no longer included as significant financial resources requiring fun. With regard to abstract, paintball - an imitation of this war, militaristic style of sports and entertainment. Player's goal - to recapture the enemy flag, but the play is nothing to prevent at least a short time forget the flag and just have fun pasitaškyti paint. Physical activity combined with thinking. It is important to not only run and shoot, but also to choose the right tactics and strategy.     .

Paintball, this is a great team sport

Paintball players age is not restricted

Paintball is not only strengthening self-confidence, but is also developing team spirit

Paintball can be played by both - men and women

Interesting facts

Game field

Paintball entertaining space is not strictly defined. It is usually played woodland or abandoned industrial buildings. The real environment provides more emotion and tension. Impressions can be used to strengthen the smoke bombs, various explosions. Since the game space depends on the number of players. In a small space normally playing ten or twelve players. The large space of their number may even grow up twenties.

Paintball for everybady

It's not a sport only for men. Their equivalent can be both women and children, because, As already mentioned, often defeats than physical strength and quickness. So, wanting to play, just have a little excitement, healthy stubbornness and a minimum physical fitness. And most importantly - a lot of desire and a good mood.


While playing the wearing of protective face masks. Players all the time monitors instructors before conducted a security briefing. The game does not require physical contact between opposing players, so it avoids the sport is often an unfortunate ending collisions. Other hand, toes or foot fracture can even going to the store to buy milk. so light warm-up and stretching exercises before the game really harmful.